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Trustee Wallet is the window to the distributed economy

USA, Delaware
Market: Blockchain
Stage of the project: Operating business

Date of last change: 15.09.2020
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Trustee Wallet powers cryptocurrency lovers and removes barriers of using crypto for newbies.
It is a window to the future distributed economy, it’s like a Google Chrome browser for the internet today.
Removes barriers to start using virtual assets.
Take their use to a whole new level.

Current Status

The product was released in 2019 and is fully ready for use.
It is available as an application that can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play

Our results:
80 K+ installs
20 K+ active users
20% monthly increase


~ Total digital assets market capitalization ~ 260 billion of dollars.
~ Daily trading volume 58 billion of dollars.

Mass distribution of virtual assets is predicted similar to the Internet, in 2024 users of virtual assets will be 1 billion people.

The market of virtual assets is in the process of formation, the opportunities for market growth are unlimited.
There are no barriers to entering the global market.
The product is perfectly scalable.
Product delivery costs to the user - minimum

Problem or Opportunity

The banking and the fiat system has many deficiencies such as high cost, risk of loss of assets, long transaction times, need to physically visit banks.
Cryptocurrencies solve these problems, but Bitcoin and any other censorship resistant distributed network forms from a number full nodes.

Running a Full Node for one asset means:
- a heavy data set, hundreds of gigabytes;
- relatively powerful computer machine;
- computer networking knowledges.

Additionally, users face limitations and requires additional efforts:
a) downloading several mobile applications;
b) learning their interfaces;
d) constant search for reliable exchangers;
e) tracking a profitable exchange rate.

This makes an average user unavailable to participate in a distributed economy as well as affordable cheap financial services.

Solution (product or service)

Our service solves the problem of access to financial services and eliminates the deficiencies of banking institutions. With Trustee users don’t have to buy powerful machines and run heavy full nodes.
To join distributed economy users needs to complete a two simple steps:
install an application on the smartphone;
initialize wallet by writing down 12 words generated randomly.

And are fully ready to go with yours distributed economy journey:
receiving assets;
spending assets;
trading assets;
other distributed features.
Trustee is a thin client to distributed networks that powers distributed economy lovers.

The user-friendly interface makes it easier for novices to access virtual assets. The application levels out the barriers to start using cryptocurrencies and takes the process of using them to a whole new level.
This has a significant impact on improving the living standards of societies, as the need for access to high quality financial services is a basic human need.


All centralized exchanges;
Multi assets unhosted wallets:
- Trust Wallet
- Exodus
- Atomic Wallet
- Paytomat

Advantages or differentiators

Lowest exchange rates
Secure non-custodial approach: no one except the user has access to funds, passwords and data
User-friendly, intuitive interface, just a few clicks to buy or sell crypto
Supports numerous types of virtual assets and electronic money systems
Fully transparent - open source code
Professional technical support
Cashback and referral program


The business model is described below. The Company integrates exchanges and services of third parties into the application and receives income from these entity depending on the agreements reached. In most cases, the Company receives 0.2% of each operation performed between the end user and integrated exchanges/ services of third parties.

Business model

White labeling solution and to receive income fr om third party exchange service for the lead generation: agency fee, variuse referral fee, affiliate program, etc
Trustee Wallet is not a host provider, money transmitter, financial institution.
App gives only technical possibility of work and does not function as the intermediary, all transactions are performed by providers.
The model of operations is as follows: exchanges and services of third parties are integrated in the wallet.
The user who downloaded the application enters the application and chooses the operation he/she wants to perform. The application has an algorithm that automatically selects for the user a third-party service / exchange with the best conditions for the transaction.
Then the application redirects the user to this service/exchange, wh ere the user performs the transaction. All commissions, payments, price of cryptocurrency the user pays directly to this third-party services / exchanges.
Trustee Wallet receives revenue from these services / exchanges for lead generation (agency fee, referral fee, etc.).

Money will be spent on

Product development and promotion

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Product Video

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